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As our wedding draws closer, friends and family have been asking the inevitable question of what we would like for a gift. Although our answer usually is money to help out with a down payment on a house, we understand and appreciate those who would still like to buy us a traditional gift. For those that would like to get us a gift, we are registered at the stores listed below. There’s links to online registries and to purchase gift cards. (UPDATE - As of 1/17/06 we are registered at all the stores below!)

We truly are that “couple that has everything” – at least everything for our present living situation. We currently rent an apartment in downtown Milwaukee, and have pretty much everything we need to live our lives there. However, after the wedding we are planning on purchasing a home. And with the purchase of a new home comes the down payment, new furniture, home improvement supplies, decorations, etc., etc. The list goes on and on, which is why we feel money would be the best gift at this point in our lives. However, whatever gift you decide on, the best gift of all is having you at the wedding!


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